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Techni Process Project Management - An Overview

Techni Process understands that our customers, present and future do not always want a full-time project manager on-site to manage a process engineering project that may only require a few months of overseeing. Our clients may also have their own project management staff who may be highly skilled to fit the needs of the day-to-day running of processing plant. At times though, there may be a need for extra input of skills, experience, and project management know-how, and Techni Process can fit within those requirements.

Our project management team service overview:

• Solution based proposals based upon client and customer process requirements.

• Estimating full and part project, consultation or on-hands management.

• Design and selection of equipment as standalone or part of a processing plant.

• Guidance and professional advice as to timeline and end project expectations.

For more information on Techni Process project management services and how we have achieved success for our global client base contact us here.

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