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Planning for success

Starting an enquiry is the first step to receive the valuable advice from our team of experts in process design and process engineering to achieve a successful outcome that will generate the level of returns and quality of product you are looking for.

Our step-by-step process from receipt of an enquiry:

• Confirm receipt of enquiry to be followed by initial agreement to proceed to preliminary engineering and estimation of costs.

• Establish client requirements and expectations.

• Prepare estimations of costs and timelines.

• Agreement to be reached to proceed forward.

• Research and development (R&D) if required.

• Design and planning of singular engineered processors or complete multi-phased processing plants.

• Factory build or manufacturing of equipment or project management assistance and consultancy.

• Installation and start-up ensuring production efficiency and output.

Techni Process provides the complete range of processing equipment such as Evaporators, Spray Dryers, Spray Coolers, Fluid Bed Dryers, CIP systems, process controllers and data management systems. For more information on how Techni Process has achieved success for its global clients contact us here.

Techni Process - Advanced Process Engineering