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Techni Process Full Project Management Services

Techni Process North America can provide services that will take over full project management control, and provide results driven solutions. Techni Process will initially outline the scope and processes, together with detailed estimates of costings and time-lines. The Project Manager assigned to your project is also an engineer, and is backed up by our team of specialists with advanced engineering process skills, built-up over the past 30+ years. Techni Process can provide you with confidence in knowing we have, can, and will deliver the process solutions you are looking for.

Our full project management services include:

• Preliminary discussions and written overview of project objectives.

• Preliminary Engineering including estimating projects, segmented into stages and time-lines.

• Management of shop fabrication, delivery and installation of plant.

• On-hands management of start-up and process output.

For more information on Techni Process project management services and how we have achieved success for our global client base contact us here.

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