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Techni Process Spray Dryer Pilot Testing

Techni Process has located within North America, a Spray Dryer Pilot Plant that can be used for testing various materials and assessing processing into a viable products. Pilot testing option is highly recommended prior to advancing to design a full-scale Spray Drying System, as this confirms processing expectations prior to any large financial commitment. Learn more about our Pilot Plant Spray Dryer located in North America here.

Techni Process Spray Dryer Pilot Plant testing services:

• Test a variety of materials in small scale processing procedures.

• Produced powder samples may be analyzed on or off-site.

• Spray Dryer Pilot Plant testing for various raw products and liquids.

• Scale-up process consultation and project management available.

For more information on Techni Process pilot testing services and how we have achieved success for our global client base contact us here.

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