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Spray Dryer Pilot Plants

Techni Process offers several standard sizes of Spray Dryer Pilot Plants that allows our clients to test the individual and unique properties of each product being processed, prior to investing in full-scale production facility.

  • Spray Dryer Pilot Plants

  • Spray Dryer Pilot Plants

  • Spray Dryer Pilot Plants

  • Spray Dryer Pilot Plants

  • Spray Dryer Pilot Plants

Pilot Plant Spray Dryers by Techni Process

Using a Pilot Plant Spray Dryer, such as the SD3.5, allows the collection of extensive scientific data regarding the drying process, and can produce the first samples of actual dried products. Pilot trials provide valuable information before scaling up production with a full-scale Spray Dryer and associated costs. These pilot tests increase the confidence in the process, and leads to higher confidence about potential returns on any investment being made.

Our Pilot Plant Spray Dryer equipment and services:

• Test facilities located in North America.

• Design and build of bespoke Pilot Plant Spray Dryers.

• Ability to process materials in small scale prior to any full-scale plant and processing investment.

• Creation of sample powders, liquids and products for further evaluation.

• Wide range of Spray Dryer Pilot Plants including but not limited to; SD 1, SD 2.5, SD 3.5, SD 6, SDFC6Av.

• Available as SD – Simple Stage Dryer and MPD (Multi Phase Dryer).

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