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If you are looking for a hygienic pasteurization process control that can be cleaned and disinfected fully automatically, Techni Process offers a range of the equipment that will solve your objectives.

  • Pasteurizers

  • Pasteurizers

  • Pasteurizers

Techni Process Pasteurization Equipment

Techni Process pasteurization systems can consist of multi-pass heating and cooling coils, volumetric pump and digital graphic recorder for real time monitoring and data recording feature. The systems can be cleaned chemically or thermally. Systems may be combined with other process systems such as homogenization to allow continuous treatment of materials.

Our pasteurization process equipment and services:

• Ideal to control bacterial growth.

• Systems can be cleaned chemically or thermally.

• Can be combined with other process systems.

• Start-up advice and support, equipment manuals, support for repairs and maintenance.

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