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Advanced Food Processing Engineering

The need for advanced methods of food processing to meet ever increasing global demand is essential. Recently global demand for specialty foods and ingredients has increased the need for the newer and better ways to process and preserve foods that include fragile fruits, vegetables, spices and dairy products. Through advanced process engineering Techni Process is committed to meeting the challenges facing global food industries.

Our food processing engineering team provides:

• Research and development (R&D) focused on solution based engineering processes.

• Design and planning of singular engineered processors or complete multi-phased processing plants.

• Factory design and build service or manufacturing of equipment at client selected location.

• Project management assistance and on-site consultancy.

• Processing of raw food and organic based materials in accordance with the specific customer requirements, including meeting applicable industry standards.

• Installation and start-up ensuring production efficiency and output.

• Maintenance and repair of food processing equipment.

Techni Process provides the complete range of food processing equipment such as Pasteurizers, Homogenizers, Evaporators, Spray Dryers (SD and MPD), Microwave Vacuum Dryers, and Fluid Bed Dryers. For more information on how Techni Process has achieved success for its global clients contact us here.

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